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Like every holiday, Succos, is celebrated with special mitzvoth, namely eating in the Succah and making a blessing on the four species: esrog, lulav, hadasim, and arovos. All these species possess specific characteristics to deem them worthy for use on the holiday. At we are proud to offer you quality sets at whoseale pricing. See how to order esrog sets.

Esrog Lulav Hadasim Aravos

The esrog must be a “piri eitz hadar” a pure, complete, and beautiful fruit. It is a citron, a special fruit from the citrus family that dwells on the tree throughout the year.

The lulav, a part of the date palm, should have a straight spine, and the leaves should cleave to one another and point upwards. The tip should preferably be closed, but is kosher provided it is not split more than one third down.

HADASIM-myrtle twigs
The hadasim feature green and upright leaves. Three leaves should grow in an even row on each stem, overlapping the bottom of the upper row, for a length of three handbreadths from the top of the twig and covering the top. Three branches of hadasim are required.

AROVOS-willow leaves
The ideal arovos grow near water and have long smooth leaves and a somewhat red stem. Two, and only two, arovos are to be used to fulfill the mitzvah.

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